Thread: Speculation & Theory: Which House do you think Rita Skeeter was in?
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There's a possibility for almost every House, but I think mostly Ravenclaw and Slytherin.
Ravenclaw: She needs to be clever to become an unregistered Animagus and not be discovered until Hermione. She needs to be clever to even become an Animagus.
Slytherin: She uses her Animagus powers for herself. She wants to help herself and be a reporter who comes up with crazy things that everyone will read.

Evidence against:
Ravenclaw: She was discovered as an Animagus, and I don't think she would be if she was really that clever. I also don't think that a Ravenclaw would even think about being an unregistered Animagus.
Slytherin: Is Rita Skeeter evil? I don't think she is evil because she wrote the article about Harry's side of the story for the Quibbler, didn't she?

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