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Originally Posted by AlwaysSnapesGirl View Post
He would have been very surprised if he found out that was the case. Despite having friends in common, they hadn't interacted extensively, so he would have assumed the other boy didn't pay much attention to him at all. Which was fine with him. Of course, if he had dwelt on it long enough, he might have considered that Solomon might've been writing something about those mutual friends, Anna and Aurora, and perhaps that might pique his curiosity.

But there was no thought of that when Solomon's response took him by surprise.

He couldn't help the amused little grin that appeared on his face. "You think my face is pretty?" Maybe he was joking, but even if he was, it wasn't something Ezra would've expected to hear from him.

And then he was surprised again by the Slytherin's offer to help.

For a brief second, Ezra thought about declining. Spending more time with Solomon Duck wasn't exactly how he'd intended to spend his day. But then again, when he'd woken up today, he hadn't expected to spend his day looking for a rat either. And the more people that were looking for it, the sooner it would be found, right?

"Sure, thanks. The more help, the better." Especially if Solomon was good at finding his own toad. Maybe there was some place the lost pets of Hogwarts liked to frequent or something.
Yes, Ezra, this Slytherin was full of surprises, especially today, it seemed. Solly was even surprising himself with how much he was conversing with someone he usually would ignore or scowl at. Of course, he immediately regretted his comment about Ezra being pretty, and could feel his cheeks burning a little, hoping to Merlin that they weren’t red to match. SPOILER: THEY SO WERE. It was one thing to admit Ezra was a good looking guy, but another to say that Solly was attracted to him, which he absolutely wouldn’t be doing because Ezra was insufferable.

Why was everything so confusing?

Did I say that? I must have meant your face is p-p-positively annoying.” There was no way he would buy that, but Solly wasn’t really trying to backtrack, more so just to steer the conversation into humour to defuse anything serious.

He would’ve reacted somewhat furiously if Ezra had chosen to turn his offer down, so it was most greatly received when he agreed to his help. Solly jumped up to his feet, rather enthusiastically, before stuffing his notebook away into his bag. “Have you checked the swamp? My toad vacations there sometimes.” More attempts at humour as he peered around the side of the statue in front of them.
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