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SPOILER!!: Rora!
Originally Posted by Lottiepot View Post
Aurora had started out her research in unfamiliar territory.. the LIBRARY. It wasn’t that she disliked the room for no reason but having an area entirely dedicated to reading which in her opinion was a bit of a chore. Yes she lived in a fantasy land in her head and would likely enjoy engaging in one in the literary world but why would she when there were far more exciting things she could be participating in. Besides, reading was a rather lonely activity.

Anyway, all of that was an explanation as to why she WASN’T in the library for her continued study session but had instead levitated a thick stack of textbooks all the way from the library, down two flights of moving stairs and towards the map of Argyllshire where she settled cross-legged on her cardigan on the stone floor. Why the map you may ask? Well Aurora had already visited it several times and had committed much of it to memory to the extent that it wouldn’t be so much of a distraction.

She opened her copy of the Ingredient Encyclopedia and searched through to find a creature whose properties might have aligned with those of the potion she was trying to develop, settling on the funny little rats with tentacles otherwise known as Murtlap.

Text Cut: Ingredient Four
Murtlap Tentacles
* Type: Creature Derivative
* Distribution: Coastal regions of Great Britain.
* Uses: Healing, resistance to dark magic
* Potions: Murtlap Essence
* Application: Topical or ingested
(side effects: purple ear hair)

With her research going alarmingly well, the Ravenclaw was starting to question whether she should be researching the source of the infliction in the first place. She knew that Kneazle Whiskers could be used as cores in wands but she hadn’t heard much about potions using Kneazle hairs. Although how that would help in curing scratches she didn’t know but she supposed she didn’t HAVE to use it if it didn’t work and let’s be honest it was all going to be one giant trial and error.

Text Cut: Ingredient Five
Kneazle Hair
* Type: Creature Derivative.
* Distribution: Worldwide, domesticated.
* Uses: ???
(Kneazles are highly intelligent, able to detect untrustworthiness and sometimes aggressive).
* Potions: Rat Spleen Mixture
* Application: Ingested.

Honestly, Ve was pretty proud of herself so far for the term. At least… she had been. She was doing well on keeping up with her studies so far, and even had been fairly responsible with scheduling studio sessions with her fellow seventh years. And she was being even extra responsible in not trying to do any NEWT studying in smaller groups, like one on ones, because she always managed to distract herself and the other person by striking up a conversation.

But today? Try as she had, she’d been having difficulty in focusing in their group study in the library. Her mind just kept flitting to the letter currently crumped up in her pocket. One that she was both excited about, and dreaded because it reminded her she was really at a crossroads in her life when she had to start making decisions. And… well, those were really scary because every choice she had in front of her seemed like there was a consequence. So she’d given up on the studying, excusing herself before she distracted anyone else. Or worse they tried to ask her about it.

Reaching into her pocket, she shoved the parchment further down - like the physical act could also do the same for her thoughts.

Maybe what she really needed was a distraction. And luckily for her, as she turned a corridor corner, eyes fell on a familiar blond and Vera grinned at the sight. “Aurora Borealis!” She realized too late after she’d called out, that Rora actually seemed engrossed in doing something and that Ve was probably interrupting. Moving closer, she paused when she could see the open book. “Oh! Are you working on your potion?”
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