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Originally Posted by Chelliephone View Post
The whole boarding portion of a wizarding education seemed like it would be the most difficult portion to deal with of being a parent. Daire hadn't considered it too much when he'd been a student himself. But he'd noticed it a bit when he'd graduated and Nox hadn't yet. And that had only been his sister. A kid? Someone you were sole protector of and saw every day? That was rough. "I bet the travel was fun for them. And good too. There's no education quite like travel." Floo powder wasn't a bad option either though. Especially if they had to be more tethered to their own schools. "Worst things to have to rely on." Like... if they were muggle and had to travel by airplane only. Magnificent machinery, but so time consuming. "I think it's more interesting to hear you speak than myself. I hear me on the daily." Daire's smirk remained in place and he gave another shrug. Darius' words made sense, but instead of implicating himself further he just mummed zipping his lips as he shot him a wink.

They'd remember it at some point and retrieve it before they left the park. But for the moment, there was far better distraction. Daire would have chuckled at Darius' initials fears of what his reaction would be - as even if it hadn't been accidental or unwelcomed, he simply would have brushed it off and not let it affect the rest of their day. But luckily for both of them, it was neither of those things. Not quite ready to stop kissing him now that the opportunity had presented itself, Daire had let himself slowly sink further onto the ground so he wasn't so hunched over.

Once Darius had moved away, Daire let himself flop fully onto his back, propping up on his elbows as his companion sat up. He grinned over at him, an eyebrow arching slightly. "I think falling is a technicality on my end, but I'm not complaining."

After all that, Darius had little doubt left in his mind after such a mindblowing move. "Good to note," Darius certainly wasn't complaining either with how the kiss went as he moved closer by his side. If he had planned it better, "Typically, I save kissing until after a date. But I think you were a good exception," A very, very good one. Who said accidents couldn't be happy ones? "So... about that dinner. If you didn't have any plans, what are you in the mood for?" He could cook... some things. And he could learn whatever else. Or he could not cook and they order something.

"Since you said you like hearing my voice, what else would you like to know?" He could be open, for a price. "As long as you share with me something I or not many people know about you?" There were certainly some things he didn't share with a lot of people, himself.


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