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After numerous failed attempts at casting Orchideous, it was time to set her wand down and take a much needed break. Having no luck at all was enough to upset anyone but Bry was somehow keeping her cool today. Frustration levels were low and she was still very much all smiles.

Forgetting about the buttons on her desk for a minute, the Slytherin pulled out a sheet of parchment and her pink feathered quill. Might as well write that paragraph while she took her break and cleared her head before trying again. Quill to parchment, Bry got to writing...

'From the start I wasn't sure which would be more difficult. Transfiguration in itself is a difficult in any form. I began with a clear head and a great mood. It took several tries before I was able to transfigure a button into some pink roses. Annnnnnd when it came to conjuring those very same roses, I wasn't able to manage it at all. No matter how many times or tried. So even though I'm in a fantastic mood today, that doesn't seem to be helping me learn how to conjure these roses.' With a quick flurry of her name and house on there, Bry set her quill down and once more picked up her wand. It was time to see if she could conjure some flowers!
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