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Was he sure? Cause Bry would happily argue the fact that right now was the perfect time for a little bit of affection. However she would always respect him and that included right in this very moment as well. No hugs. For now.

Her own attention had to remain on the progress she was making. Which according to their practice was excellent! "Thank you, professor!" Bry smiled brightly. She was also thankful now that she could also breath much easier too! Having the windows opened even just a little bit did a world of good and she didn't feel so icky in her stomach anymore. A quick glance over at Ary told her that he looked like he was feeling a little better too.

All in perfect timing too, they were moving on. They were meant to write a paragraph on which branch of transfiguration was harder. Something she couldn't do as of yet. Best get back to trying the other spell now that she was able to do so. Wand in head, mind clear and focused on pink roses, Bryony traced her wand through the air in the form of something like a flower. "Orchideous!" Everything was perfect, only it wasn't. No pink light and no pink flowers. Nothing at all.

"Orchideous!," she tried again. Then again. And a few more times. Nothing at all. No petals. No stems. This was tough! But she wasn't going to let it get her down.
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