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A unicorn sized cake would’ve been quite the spectacle but a nightmare on so many levels. For starters, allowing Aurora to consume that amount of sugar was already a terrible idea. She also didn’t have enough acquaintances to make the giant cake worthwhile and there would’ve been an awful lot of waste. Finally, a realistic unicorn cake being sliced open would just make her sad and being sad on your birthday was basically a crime against humanity! “No, just a normal sized one with a pink and purple mane and edible glitter eyelashes.” As easily pleased as a child as she was now, Aurora would’ve been thrilled whether it looked terrible or not but Aunt Kat was as skilled as they came. Her Aunt was also a kindly soft touch and had Aurora asked her to bake her friends a cake, she likely would have.

There were too many numbers and places and birthdays and snippets of information to remember in History of Magic for the fifth year to get a decent grade. It didn’t mean she didn’t enjoy the subject, especially as far as the theatrics of Professor Fergersnout was concerned, but it wasn’t one of those subjects she automatically clicked with. Also a lot of history was tainted with sadness and she was too optimistic for that.

“I’ve always wondered why villains in movies give a long speech about their intentions before they get on with it. It’s like they are purposefully giving the heroes the opportunity to thwart their plan.” She pondered out loud, finding a spot on the stone floor to settle cross-legged onto after performing a cushioning charm for the both of them. “I mean it’s very generous of them, thoughtful even. Maybe there’s no such thing as a villain and really they WANT to get caught.” She’d never watched a movie where the hero didn’t win but perhaps that was more to do with the sheltering that her parents gave her rather than being the norm.
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