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Bryony's confidence was extremely high right now and if Aryan needed her to spread some over onto him.. well she could! Did he need some sweet words of support of a gentle hand squeeze? How about a big smile and a thumbs up? He had done fantastic in turning that button into flowers.

Ooooh, it was time to move onto the next spell! She had a strong feeling this was going to be more tricky than Herbifors. Even the pronunciation was a little stranger to her. “Or-KID-ee-us." That had to be repeated several more times than the previous spell did as it kept sounding funny ever time she said it. And that wand movement.. it did kinda look like a flower, which was really cool but also very tricky! Over and over and over again she had to keep trying to get it right.

Bright blue eyes were shining when she finally got that wand movement done! Now it was time to give it a go and maybe with some luck she would end up with more pink roses! Wand at the ready, Bry started to trace the movement through the air as she visualized those roses in her head. "Orchi-"

Gag! What was that stench! Task already forgotten, the small blonde was already looking around for the source of it, her eyes widening when she spotted it.
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