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Yeahhh, Mr White! Yeah science!

Yeah, you could stop smirking right now, Angus! Archie had been caught in the act and it was difficult to be all nonchalant when the target of your admiration was smirking at you like that from across the small table.

Moving on...

A hint of a smile flickered across his features. There were a few words Arch could think of to describe his youngest child. Strong being the first to spring to mind. And cunning. And determined. A Slytherin in the making had she attended Hogwarts, perhaps. Just like her old man – except Archie wasn't quite so forthright as Scarlett. She lacked subtlety in getting what she wanted, but that was something that may come with growing up. “True true. But she's still the apple of my eye. I wouldn't change her for the world.” He nodded in the affirmative, swirling his drink in the glass before taking a swig – the kids knew they were loved by both their parents. Another chuckle. “She's been begging and nagging for a dog. I think I might have to give in and indulge her. I know I'll end up walking it, but I could use the exercise. It's easy to let yourself go when you're sitting in an office all day.” Something Mr Dancer here probably couldn't comprehend. Angus was as fit and as slim as he was the day he graduated Hogwarts. Gangly too. Always gangly. Always appealing..

He looked up, eyes widened at the thought of Matilda's reaction to his words. “I did not call her stupid.” He laughed. “Not directly. And I know you'd never tell her. Would you?” Angus received a look from the brunette, albeit hiding amusement.

Ah, the sentiments about his grumpiness again. All his family accused him of being a miserable git.. but.. “It's my face. My features. I have that grumpy looking thing going on that I can't help. It's even worse when I'm just sitting thinking or concentrating. Ma will come up to me and..” Queue his best impression of Katrina, “You dun' look 'appy. Penny for your foughts, Arfur.” He raised his glass slightly to his ma. “But somehow it always makes me smile.”

Back to Angus and his magical mystery dance tour. “Wish I could have seen you perform, mate. You always shied away from letting me see. Perhaps, now that things are different, you'll trust me not to take the mick.” Which he may have done back in school, but, again, he wasn't that kid anymore. Best mates at school, and much more now. “No. Change is definitely a good thing.”
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