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Originally Posted by Emzily View Post
His thoughts and scribbles were plentiful today, it seemed, as he scribbled away. Serious concentration was present, and apparent all over his face, complete with the tip of his tongue poking out. Said concentration DESTROYED when Ezra Hensley, of all people, decided to stop and actually speak to him. Well, that was something quite unexpected. He couldn’t wait to write about THIS later.

Solomon, of course, closed his notebook immediately and rested his hand palm down on top of it as extra protection. Although he didn’t expect Ezra to be the type to try and prize something so personal from his hands with any force, but then again, he didn’t know Ezra that well, did he?

Usually Solomon would have greeted the Gryffindor in some solemn manner, for unknown reasons, however he felt nothing but curiosity towards him. “Loads, actually.” Solomon replied. People loved to lose their pets in this castle - it was concerning. Him, of course, being one of those people who frequently had to hunt for his bloody toad. “I swear I saw a few of them get through the secret passage way.” He pointed to Gregory the Smarmy, obviously making all of this up.

You don’t look like the type of person to own a rat.” Horrible creatures, in Solly’s opinion.
Ezra did notice how quickly Solomon shut his notebook, but he didn't think too much about it beyond that. He assumed it was homework or a letter or something of the like, and he felt no particular interest in trying to read it even if he could. What did the Slytherin have to write about that would be of interest to him anyway?

Besides, this conversation might be turning out more promising than expected. Maybe he was on the right track. Loads of rats? But some of them...going in the passageway?

He glanced at the very slight opening behind the statue. Could any of the rats really fit in there? Because surely they couldn't open it when no one else seemed able to. Or at least, he hadn't heard of anyone succeeding.


"I don't," he replied, turning his attention back to Solomon. "A girl lost it and asked me to help find it. Was there a brown rat with a bow around its neck among the ones you saw?"
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