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She didn't bother surpressing the eye roll that escaped as he started, though her smile was very much still in place. She liked the teasing, and she liked him and he wouldn't be very much him if he started it seriously. In fact, she was expecting he wouldn't give the question a serious answer at all so she was surprised when he did. A series of moments? While she had one specific moment for her where it really clicked, she knew what he meant too. They'd always been around each other - a consistent. And while they'd had not good memories, they'd had a lot more that were the best. But she couldn't be TOO serious either, could she? "Ah, I see. So I stockholm syndromed you? That sounds like a difficult thing to recreate, but I suppose I'm up for the challenge. Guess you'll have to just deal with a whole lot of me." She grinned at him.

The squeeze was appreciated, and even if the chocolate was melting a bit and likely to get on her at some point she wasn't too concerned. She was a fan of the physical closeness too and often looked for excuses to be close. It was nice that he often seemed to do the same.

She was trying to keep her attention on the ring and the stones he had moved with his shot, but apparently it was much harder to not get distracted by the opposing side when one found them attractive. Finishing her ponytail, she let it drop down right as it was her turn again. Retrieving her shooter, Ve surveyed the ring for a minute before spotting a small circle that had two of his and one of hers. She considered it for a moment, but since hers was well protected she went ahead and lined up and flicked, waiting a moment to see if it would knock anything out. "Were you never interested in pursuing playing sports?" They'd played gobstones plenty of times so she knew he was decent, but there was also Quidditch.
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