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Logan's arrival got a wide smile from Vera as he joined her and Sia, and she reached out with one of her feet to gently nudge his leg when he'd settled in a silent greeting. As for his question however? She couldn't help the minor look of despair that crossed her features as she let out a small groan. "It's impossible to choose. I want one of all of them." But yes, she was well aware this assignment was for only one egg and she would have to content herself with that. Although... "I just kind of hope we all end up with a different one though. Because then we'd get to see bits and pieces of different dragon babies." Because they were doing playdates once they had their dragons, yes?

When Professor P was addressing the group to provide instruction, Vera's attention shifted from her people to the Professor as she listened intently. The reveal that they could in fact decide which type they were getting left her in a little bit of despair, because did that mean she DID have to choose? She'd deal with that crisis in a moment, as there was other far easier questions to handle. They'd need to work together at times it sounded like? Her attention shifted to her two companions. "You can sign me up as egg-sitter whenever you need." And she'd absolutely be asking them both too, especially given how often she was in the presence of both.

When they were released to pick their eggs, she bounced up but held back from excitedly rushing forward to wait for them. As for questions? She did in fact have some, but she waited for A-squared to finish theirs before she added any others. Once they were done (and she was listening for those answers too), Ve also raised her hand. "Professor, if we just... don't choose a certain type of dragon and just kind of go about life with them with us, is there a risk it WON'T hatch? Or if we do two things because we're stuck on two options, does it make a hybrid happen or does the egg just.... decide to be one?"

If she'd looked at the list, she probably would have seen that her normal day-to-day would have given her probably a Peruvian Vipertooth or a Romanian Longhorn, but she was avoiding those instructions for a moment.
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