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Originally Posted by FearlessLeader19 View Post
With notes appearing on the board, Ary proceeded to make his notes. He had already had a suspicion of which branch of Transfiguration was more difficult than the other. He wasn’t sure of his answer, of course, but he did have an idea that could back up his theory. It was only after thinking through his answer as best as he could did the Alytherin raise his hand.

“I think that Conjuration spells will be more difficult because that branch requires that we make something appear completely. But with Transformation spells, there’s already an object that we can work on to alter its appearance.” Yup, that was his reasoning.
Norman was hardly surprised to hear Atreyu-Rehman thought the conjuration spell would be more difficult. She nodded approvingly. “Sound reasoning, Mr. Atreyu-Rehman,” he replied. “Many people find conjuration difficult for that very reason.”

Originally Posted by sweetpinkpixie View Post
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Sometimes hyper focusing on it was the only thing that kept her grounded and dismissive of certain other distractions. It also, like this moment now, made her swallow rather thickly and quickly...which had its own complications but thankfully nothing was swallowed that ought not be. Eyes on the prize, Sage. Eyes on the prize.

Feeling entirely too pleased with herself, Sage provided her undivided attention to Professor Carlton as the lecture continued and immediately knew which branch she found easier than the other...though she supposed that she may be an anomaly with her presence. Though, to be fair, she often considered it to be akin to some finding Charms easier then Transfiguration. Everyone had their magical preferences and strengths AND the important thing was discovering and understanding your own.

Taking a moment to, briefly, consider her peers' responses thus far, the Slytherin's hand shot up once again. "There is Avis, which is a conjuration spell, and Avifors which is a transformation spell," she shared with several bright twinkles to her vigilant gaze. "While conjuration is, technically, the more difficult branch since, as was pointed out, you are seemingly creating something from nothing and expelling more magic to complete the process ... I personally have found the visualization process for transformation to make it the branch a little more difficult for me personally. I can more easily visualize a bird appearing out of thin air, but will often over analyze the intricacies of what it would take for a button, for example, to turn into a bird. Will the head stretch forth from the middle of the button or will the rim stretch to accommodate for the shape, for example."
Ransom-Kruus’s theory went in a completely different direction, which Norman was pleased to hear. There were no wrong answers here; the idea was to have the students form a hypothesis which could be tested later. He nodded, smiling slightly. “Interesting observation, Miss Ransom-Kruus,” he said. “Let’s see if that theory holds true for today’s activity.”

Originally Posted by Kolyander View Post
Taking notes was important. So was the pink button that she still held in her free hand. The faster she jotted down what was written on the board, the quicker she would be able to get back to checking out this button, yes?

Anyhow, that second question. Bry had heard what it was and she had started to give it some thought. But she couldn't really decide which branch of transfiguration was more difficult. Both were tough for different reasons. Ary made a great point about and she agreed with it. Sage also made a really good point and got her thinking about something that didn't exactly have to do with the question but maybe it sort of did? "Both can be quite difficult. I think it really depends on the spell you're working on as well and what that moment requires. If you're calm and clear headed it might be much easier than say if you're frightened and trying to cast the same spells." Like how she had been in previous weeks. Her focus had been even worse than usual and she was so sad that she had found herself having the worst time learning new spells. Even casting ones she already knew had been troublesome at times. Now that she was in a much happier place, she was seeing clearly again. Annnnnnd yet.... "But Professor... How does a spell like that work? Ones that require us to really visualize what we want, color and size and whatever else? How does it understand I want one thing and someone beside me casting the very same thing wants something completely different looking?" Did that even make sense??
Norman listened to Paton’s theory, nodding along in places. “Excellent point, Miss Paton,” he replied. “One’s emotional state can affect the difficulty of a spell, regardless of the type.” He considered her question for a moment before answering, “It’s more to do with the wand understanding you than the spell. Spells in and of themselves are not sentient; it’s your mind and your wand working together to make them happen. I don’t claim to be an expert in wandlore, but I know that wands are matched to their owners based on some level of mutual understanding. As long as you’re using your own wand, it will understand what you’re trying to do. This applies to anyone casting the same spell.”

Was that clear? She glanced at her, searching for any sign of confusion.

Originally Posted by Lottiepot View Post
Aurora tried hard in Transfiguration, she really did, but there was something about the subject that didn’t sit quite right in her brain and it left her with the tendency to become distracted by anything and everything. She had arrived at the classroom on time (just) and had found a seat without really acknowledging who was already there leaving her somewhere in amongst the crowd of students.

The first question had gone by unanswered by the blonde, instead opting to listen to the answers of her fellow students whilst absentmindedly doodling hearts and flowers on her parchment. It wasn’t until Professor Carton spoke up again that she realised she had written nothing of note and so hastily scribbled down something about conjuration being objects appearing out of thin air and transformation being to create something out of something else. At least that was what her understanding of the two was.

As for the second question, now that the fifth year had switched on her brain a little, she could contribute her own opinion to the lesson. “What if you find both branches equally difficult Professor?” A bit of a cop-out answer maybe but there was nothing she found easy about the subject. “I suppose if I had to pick one it would be conjuration because then I have to really use my concentration to develop something from literally nothing. But then again I guess there’s more that could go wrong with transformation. If I go wrong with conjuration and nothing comes about it then there’s no harm done but if I accidentally transform something to something else and I make a mistake then I could harm that thing. Like once I tried Piscifors on a pinecone but I didn’t do it right and it turned into a sort of pinecone fish hybrid with a tail but a spiky head and it tried to swim away but it couldn’t and I felt awful Not that anyone had asked but it was still traumatic for a much younger Aurora to witness.

In other words, Transfiguration was hard.
Here was another outside the box theory. Norman listened, nodding approvingly. For the record, he didn’t consider Ackerly’s answer a cop-out. “All valid points, Miss Ackerly,” he replied. “Both conjuration and transformation present their own difficulties.” He would be interested to know which one she thought was more difficult following today’s activity,

Originally Posted by Charely Potter View Post

Kion remained studious during the lesson. The discussion came to the difference of conjuration and transfiguration. He thought it would be pretty simple, with conjuring bringing something into existence and transfiguration simply changing something that's already there.

Kion then took notes on the board with the information presented when the tip of his quill broke... well, he always had a spare as he continued writing. Once the next question came, he waited until his turn "I think it depends on spell you're conjuring, if it's something like Aguamenti, that's pretty easy. But Conjuring overall is more advanced in general because you're bringing something to appear, whilst Transfiguration you're changing the property of what's already there." That was how he saw it, at least.

And another student who thought conjuration would be more difficult. Norman nodded approvingly. “Reasonable thinking, Mr. Ingebretson,” he replied.

Seeing no more hands in the air, Norman addressed the class again. “Excellent theories! There are no wrong answers; it was simply a question to get you thinking for our next activity. For this, we’ll be comparing two spells which produce the same result, one conjuration and one transformation. We’re starting with the transformation spell…”

He paused to allow time for the students to refocus before going on, “The spell in question is Herbifors, pronounced HERB-i-fors. This spell transforms its target into a bunch of flowers and produces a red or purple light when performed correctly. To cast, visualize the type of flowers you want to produce. Point your wand at the intended target, and say the incantation like so…”

He picked up a quill from his desk and, holding it up for the students to see, pointed his wand at it. “Herbifors,” he cast. In an instant, the quill turned into a bouquet of orange chrysanthemums. Setting the flowers aside, he waved his wand at the blackboard, and the spell information appeared.

“Your task is to practice Herbifors on the buttons on your desk. There are plenty in each jar, so don’t worry about taking multiple attempts. Pay attention to any particular difficulties you have with the spell. You have fifteen minutes, starting now!”

OOC: Sorry for the delay, unexpected rl events yesterday. Thanks for sticking with us! The main activity starts here. For this part, your student needs to practice Herbifors on the buttons in the jar on their desk. Group work is allowed, but each person must attempt the spell. Spell attempts do not have to succeed to receive credit. You’ll have AT LEAST 72 HOURS for the main activity; part 2 will go up 24-30 HOURS from now.
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