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Originally Posted by Lottiepot View Post
Bowie would argue that he did nothing of the sort and that Denzel had always been a true romantic at heart, he just liked to conceal it beneath layers and Bowie had been slowly peeling them away with a smile or a kiss or a compliment. Like a lettuce.. a very attractive lettuce. “I can’t take credit for that. That would imply that the sap had always been within you to be squeezed out which means that you were clearly born with it” he chuckled. “Besides, you could just totally ignore my weird self so that I don’t ruin your street cred” he teased. Bowie wasn’t unfamiliar with a bit of self-deprecating humour. But really he would rather he didn’t ignore him, he was happy. Not just the outwardly appearing happiness that he put on but deep inside too. Supported. Welcome.

And a giant sap.

“A whole year since I didn’t put you off by being a clutz hmm?” He laced his fingers in between his partners. How Denzel hadn’t walked away from that interaction questioning his life choices he didn’t know.

As for the living situation, Bowie would’ve been happy living in the smallest box room just so long as the company was good. “No thank you” he responded, closing the small gap between them at the counter until the clerk ruined it all by giving them their shoes. “How about we share a pizza?” Not the most romantic of foods but then Bowie’s tastebuds weren’t particularly fond of all that fancy stuff and a helping of chicken nuggets or a cheese smothered pizza sounded pretty ideal.

“They’re great. I mean some of them like to ask a lot of questions. Why is your hair so long when you’re a man? Why do you wear silly jumpers?” He laughed in fond recollection. The questions never threw him off, kids were just curious after all. “Your kids however are incredible. I was thinking that maybe we could take Diallo to the observatory one day? Seeing as he seems to be interested in space..” Devad was of course welcome too but Bowie wasn’t sure whether his interests aligned with those of his brothers yet. Still, staring through giant telescopes and gazing at stars had to be fun for a young child whether they were interested in space or not.

Despite the amount of time spent with each other, it was expected yetr surprising how Bowie managed to divert their own influence, "Well, I did say you brought it out. It could've just stayed inside never to come out," Winking. "True. But my street cred doesn't tank with you around, if you've been worried. I find it easier to ignore others that actually care." Yep, there was the sap again. In the past, when he was all about status, his priorities were clearly misaligned.

The gap was closed, whether the clerk noticed or not. As Denzel smirked, "Sounds good to me," Although he would've been happily to show out like usual for Goldilocks, the simple comfort foods were just as fine. After paying for their plate and drinks, they could find a lane to park at.

Hearing how well his kids took to Bowie made him happy. He recalled getting an owl over Diallo threatening to hit someone who talked badly over them. "Hey, that's a great idea. We'll also see if Devad is interested." Then it'd really be a family event, "They really like you, you know," Denzel said. "I'd tear down the sky for them, obviously, but I'm seeing it in Diallo at least that he'd probably do the same for you," Or burn, with the latest report he heard from the Headmaster about him.


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