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SPOILER!!: Individual replies
Originally Posted by Chelliephone View Post
Another day, another transfig lesson. Hoisting her bag up over her shoulder, Vera pulled her uniform robes a bit tighter around her shoulder as she entered the room, doing a quick scan to see that everything was where it generally should be. She noticed the buttons immediately, and raised an eyebrow in a quiet question (to no one in particular) of what those could be for. But as Hogwarts Professors liked their secrets, she wouldn't ask anything. Instead, the young woman just turned her attention to Professor Carton and nodded her in greeting.

"Hello, Professor. Lovely day, isn't it? If a bit cold." Thankfully now that she was in the classroom, it was very comfortable as Professor C was always good about making sure it was a good temperature for the students. Selecting a desk to sit at, Vera slid into a spot and pulled out her notebook and quill. She would refrain, at least for the moment, from shaking the bottle of buttons around. Even if they had permission to do so.
Norman hadn't been standing long when the students began to file in, starting with Thanatos. ”Hello, Miss Thanatos,” he replied, giving the young Gryffindor a slight smile. ”Yes, lovely day for an indoor lesson.” He watched her take a seat, half-expecting her to pick up the button jar, but that didn't happen.

Originally Posted by FearlessLeader19 View Post
Ary liked watching raindrops race down windows. There was a fair bit of entertainment in that little activity, and it was why he had paused at one of the ginormous windows to do exactly that. The Slytherin was having a rather delightful time until her remembered that Transfiguration was due to begin shortly.

Ary took off at a brisk walk so that he quickly arrived at the classroom. To his great relief, the lesson hadn't started; in fact, it seemed that he was among the first there. Spotting Carton, he gave the usual friendly greeting then went to grab a seat. On his way, one of those greetings were given to Vera.
Norman turned his attention back to the door just as Atreyu-Rehman walked in. He nodded, returning the boy's greeting with a wave. ”Hello, Mr. Atreyu-Rehman. You're right on time.”

Originally Posted by Kolyander View Post
The rain didn't bother this Paton one bit! As a matter of fact she had found some time for a quick run outside earlier (before the thunder had started) in between her lessons. There wasn't any need to worry though, the third year had gone back to her dorm and warmed up and changed so she was no longer wet from the rain.

Well maybe her hair was a tad bit damp in some areas but that had nothing to do with rain. Either way, a bright smile was on her face as she bounced into the classroom, wiggling her fingers in greeting to Professor Carton and Vera. "Hello, Professor. It's really raining out there now.. but the rain sounds lovely, doesn't it?" The sound was soothing most of the time. And the thunder was loud just like she was. Finding herself a seat near Ary, her hand brushing his as she did so, Bry sat herself down and began to take out her usual things for the lesson before her eyes went to the jar of buttons on her desk. "What do you think these are for?" she asked Ary quietly, picking a pink one out of the jar to look at it more closely.
Norman noticed Paton's slightly damp hair and briefly wondered if the young Slytherin had been caught in the rain. No matter, he wasn't going to draw attention to it if she wasn't. ”Hello, Miss Paton,” he replied, returning her finger wiggle with a hand wave. He nodded in agreement. ”It does, though I hope the sound doesn't lull everyone to sleep!” Pattering rain sounds tended to do that, and he needed his students to be alert!

Norman glanced out the door and down the Hall. After allowing a few more minutes for stragglers, he checked his watch: 1:00 on the dot. With a flick of his wand, he closed the door with a soft click. ”Good afternoon, everyone,” he said, facing the group. ”Let's get started with a quick review of the four branches of transfiguration. They are transformation - turning one thing into something else; vanishment - making something disappear into thin air; conjuration - making something appear from thin air; and untransfiguration - exactly what it sounds like, the reversal of a transfiguration.”

He paused a moment before continuing, ”Today we'll focus on these two…” He flicked his wand, and the words CONJURATION and TRANSFORMATION appeared on the blackboard. ”Now, what do you know about conjugation and transformation? How are the two branches similar? How are they different? In which scenarios would one or the other be useful?”

OOC: Sorry for the shortness/earliness of this post! Got a last minute invite to a Memorial Day party and won't be home at the scheduled time. CLASS HAS OFFICIALLY STARTED! Feel free to join at any time, just post as if your student had been here all along unless you want IC consequences for a late arrival. For question 1, Norman is asking for a similarity/difference between conjuration and transformation, and/or a scenario where one or the other branch would be useful. We'll move on in ABOUT 24 HOURS.
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