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Gilly was so absorbed in her book and the pendulum's motion that she didn't notice Phoebe until she spoke. Startled slightly, he blinked a few times, pulling herself out of her thoughts, and turned to face her dormmate. A smile tugged at the corners of her mouth as she recognized Phoebe. It had been a while since they'd had a proper conversation.

"Hi, Phoebe," she replied, her voice soft but warm. She glanced back at the pendulum, her eyes tracing its arc once more before looking back at Phoebe. "Yeah, Ancient Runes. See this one here?" She pointed to a rune on the pendulum. "Algiz. It symbolises protection. But combined with these others—Uruz, Hagalaz, Tiwaz, and Othala—it forms a complex meaning. It's fascinating how the same symbols can form different patterns depending on how you look at them."

There was a brief pause before Gilly continued (her ability to make small talk was gradually improving, all thanks to Drake). "Sorry, I get a bit carried away... How have you been? Anything in particular bring you to the Clock Tower?"

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