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Drake didn't blame her for that at all. Firstly, he could only imagine how difficult it was to share your person. In fact, he could imagine it quite well considering he had Gilly, even if it was still different. Plus, he had not been easy himself either. It wasn't like Drake had also made concentrated efforts to be outgoing and draw Bryony into more conversation or anything outside of Ary's presence. No, he was definitely just as much to blame for their delayed friendship. But the good news was, it wasn't delayed any longer! "The beauty of ecosystems!" He chirped in response, a giant grin her way. Wasn't it interesting how all of that worked?

There was a breathe of relief when she understood, and he gave a quick nod of his head. "That actually can be why I have trouble in lessons sometimes. If there's too much information thrown at us at one time, I have a hard time summarizing it in my own words to make it make sense. And then the rest of the lesson just kind of goes over my head." Creatures and Herbology were easier on this, because he usually had a foundation for what they were going to be discussing which meant he could summarize quickly. But... Arithmancy? Divination? History? He was beyond lost.

Grabbing a hold of the portion of the weeds she'd let go, Drake gripped firmly and nodded at her words - showing he understood and would wait for her count. He was geared up and ready to throw his whole back into it if needed.
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