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The Slytherin wasn’t particularly trained to look after creatures, and given his track record with keeping his silly toad safe, it wasn’t sounding too promising. Probably for the best that they weren’t taking care of REAL dragons, but of course, that was slightly disappointing to Solomon. What better way to get away from reality than to jump on the back of a dragon? As for caring for an egg, he wasn’t sure how well he’d do with that. He wasn’t a clumsy person, really, but quite forgetful. Who knows - this might be a wonderful activity for promoting some concentration within this boy.

He was walking a short distance behind Anna and Aurora but didn’t have the energy to holler at them to wait up. Instead, with his hands stuffed into his pockets, he solemnly (though sometimes smiling at his friends’ apparent joy) made his way over to the chairs. He stacked three and took them over to his friends who were both still standing. He decided not to use any levitation charms to aid himself to acid attention brought upon himself, however saying that, NOT using magic in a magic school would likely gain him more attention. Oops.

The chairs were there if they wished. Solly, sat himself on a rocking chair and smiled at the professor. “Mornin’, Professor.” It was still morning, right? Would be embarrassing if not. Finally giving all of his attention to Aurora and Anna, Solomon said, “What dragon are you guys hoping to hatch?” he knew what he was hoping for! He found himself getting a bit excited, which seemed silly as it wasn’t even a real dragon they were getting.
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