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Originally Posted by SilverTiger View Post
There had been a bit of a tantrum back at home, when she had told Willoughby that he couldn’t come along with her on the trip to Diagon Alley, but Ava had promised to bring him a treat. The four-year-old had begrudgingly acquiesced, as usual. Gifts usually did the trick, as she had learned over the years dealing with her half-siblings. Besides, she had known he wouldn’t have found it quite as fascinating as he’d thought, given she mostly had needed to see if the music shop could tune her guitar for her. It hadn’t quite been sounding right lately, and given she was trying not to court nepotism by letting her uncle recruit her for the family label, she needed her equipment to be working properly and sometimes it was better to not try to tune it herself.

Granted, she’d also had thoughts of moving out of her mum’s and Lenox’s house too and that was a whole other can of worms she would rather not court by bringing him along. But first, coffee, which was what brought her to the coffee shop after dropping her guitar off, and the brunette settled into a seat at an open table after ordering a latte and tiramisu. Sweets were never a bad thing. Maybe her half-siblings had a point.
There was only so much of living with a couple that Pabu could take. He used to think he was quite the ladies man, with a penchant for flirting. But as he got older, he realized that had simply been a young boy's foolish dream and that he was actually quite rubbish at it. Had it limited his enthusiastic attempts? Not in the slightest, but it didn't make him more aware that perhaps it wasn't as easy to find someone to date as he had originally hoped. Though... he was learning to be okay with that too. Once a young boy obsessed with the idea of a relationship, he was okay without one now.

Especially when he was surrounded now by couples who were so sickeningly sweet that made him want to vomit. Listen, he was happy for them all - just did he always have to have a front row seat?

That's what brought him to London that afternoon. He'd fled the scene of his home in Greece and his normal run away was where his sister, brother in law and their spawn resided which meant it wasn't a great sanctuary either. So... to the Leaky it had been, though what he was going to do with his time while here he hadn't the foggiest.

Coffee was an excellent place to start, however. Pushing his way into the coffee shop of the alley (having long since tired of that at the Leaky Cauldron), Pabu ordered himself a latte with plenty of sugar added, before stepping out of line to wait for it. Spotting an open seat, he didn't pay much mind to other inhabitants before sliding into the spot opposite them. "Pardon me." He said softly, still staring at the counter. He was really in need of the life giving sustenance called caffeine.
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