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Originally Posted by AlwaysSnapesGirl View Post
The joke had indeed gone over his head. If he'd made the connection, he probably would have chuckled at her humor. But it was fine since his comment got her to smile like that, so maybe missing the joke was worth it. Ezra smiled at her kind words in turn, though the change in topic of conversation, and the turn his thoughts had taken, took most of his focus from dwelling on it now.

His eyes were still on the water until he felt a spike of panic when Anna wobbled suddenly, and he gripped her hand tighter. Thankfully, she did not fall in this time, but Merlin... Maybe they were tempting fate sitting on the docks like this, but...he did like sitting here with her. So long as she didn't kick the water like that again, hopefully they'd be okay.

Her explanation of the fish didn't fully click in his mind until she mentioned the feet. Oh! Now he finally understood. He was pretty sure he'd seen a video before about people sticking their feet in a tank of fish. He'd never heard it called that before - actually, he didn't know what the real term for it was anyway - but at least they were on the same wavelength now. "Oh, I see. I've never seen them in the lake before. But the lake's pretty big, so I guess they could be." Would they be near the surface if they were? He had no idea.
She was OKAY! Promise. Balance restore and her hand now positioned even more snuggly within his, Anna resumed LIGHTLY swinging her feet and skipping just the tips of her toes over the surface of the water. The cool water was a pleasant juxtaposition to the warmth rippling out from her palm nestled against Ezra's.

"I haven't either," she nodded. "Though...just because you've never seen something somewhere doesn't necessarily mean it doesn't exist." A sentiment that had become an intimate of mantra for the sixteen year old recently and, almost, had her reconsidering going home for the holidays. Complicated and icky feelings that she attested to being a misunderstanding of tone and intention from ink and parchment. Such thoughts caused her to fall uncharacteristically quiet for an extended moment as her eyes shifted away from gazing up at Ezra to out over the lake. "I'm not sure what made me think of them just now...maybe I came across them in a bit of reading or maybe I..." she murmured to break the silence that had settled over the peaceful (but unintentionally awkward?) scene. "Hey...Ezra?" she said to interrupt her previous thought and swing her head back around to look at him again with a focused gazed with relaxed doe eyes and a slightly straightened posture. "...what...what is your earliest memory?"

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