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~ Mrs. Steve Harrington ~ It be like that sometimes.

That’s because Jude was always inspired to be a wonderful hubby because of Davet. When one had such a great inspiration, being the best {as Dav saw it} was easy. “Oh, that would explain a lot about why we’re always so happy.” They certainly enjoyed keeping each other that way, and it was something Jude could foresee them doing for the duration of their lengthy marriage.

The effects of the suggestion certainly had an immediate effect on Dav’s already soft features. Jude actually thought that he had Dav literally melt. “I know she will. I’m her son too.” That was how close he was with his other half’s family. “Mum’s gonna love if you dance with her too! I apologise in advance for all the squishy hugs and teary eyes that’s bound to happen when you tell her about your intentions.” Jude would never be over how much his mum loved Dav! Speaking of feelings, he loved Evan but that unrequited love was long past him. Jude had accepted a long time now that he and Ev weren’t meant to be in that manner; this acceptance had been helped along as his own feelings for Davet started to grow. And it was still growing, actually. There would never be a more perfect match for him than Davet Anders.

“I don’t have that many classes tomorrow so I’ve got some free time. I can take care of calling up restaurants.” He chuckled. “Imagine all the taste tests we’re going to have to do. It’ll be like getting free food.” But at the same time, there would be some big decisions to make. Jude was looking forward to it all! “Too right you are, Dav. I’ll be sure to take breaks so you wouldn’t have to worry about me tiring myself out.” There was no need to worry his husband on their special day!

“Shhhh! It’s all you, babe.” Biased much? Yes. With a flourish, Jude polished off the musicians’ list. “Anyone you would like to add?”
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