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Things just kept on getting better and better for the little Paton. Everything with Aryan was smoothed over and back to normal again, in fact things between them were even better than before. She was also back to talking with Drake too and they had worked through some stuff as well.. as best as teens their ages could. Honestly if anyone asked she thought she was doing fantastic given the situation.

Now there was this! They were being given a dragon egg to care for and hatch! Bryony couldn't be more excited if she tried. Really, she had hardly gotten any sleep at all this past week waiting for today. She was finally going to get her very own dragon! Sure, it wasn't a 'real' dragon but she was going to take what she could get right now.

The blonde skipped her way across the pastures to where everything was set up, big bright blue eyes landing on the tables of sparkling white dragon eggs first. "Soooooo pretty!" Internal flailing and not so internal squeals of pure delight. "Hi mama! Hi everyone!" Excited wiggle fingers were sent in all directions at those already seated.

Spotting Ary, Bry grabbed a rocking chair and dragged it over towards him cause she didn't want a regular chair today.. she was much to excited to sit still! Dropping down onto the rocking chair, she reached his closest hand hooking her pinkie around his. "I know we get to see dragons lots, especially you but aren't you excited?" Bry beamed brightly at Ary, shuffling herself back on the chair so she could rock back and forth a bit. "Turn around, Look at what you seeeeeee ... In her face, The mirror of your dreeeeeeeams..." And there she went already off singing a song that he should surely recognize right away since they've watched the movie a billion times and she loved this song.
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