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Vera had been looking forward to the start of this assignment ALL WEEK. From the moment it had been mentioned by Professor Paton, she'd been beside herself with the anticipation. While Sia had found a new potential path, Vera was still very heavily leaning towards pursuing a career in this field. And even a specialized one, as her interests had always been with the sometimes lesser loved scaled creatures. True, she hadn't told anyone just how much she was leaning CoMC now, instead letting those around her believe she'd be going the Gobstones route, but everyone who knew her still would have known how much she loved this stuff.

Practically skipping her way to Professor P's hut, Vera gave everyone already there in attendance a giant grin and a "Hello, all!" before she hurried to the open seat beside Sia. "Aren't you SO excited?" Sia for sure already knew Vera was. In fact, she'd probably grown tired of hearing the girl mentioning it. Her eyes were glued to all of the eggs, and while it was maybe disappointing to not know immediately which egg was what dragon (because identification purposes and all that), Vera loved the idea of NOT knowing what was going to hatch.
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