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Archie’s not-so-subtle admiration was providing the other man with a great source of amusement rather than making him uncomfortable. He was, after all, a human being and being the object of someone’s affection wasn’t going to be a negative. His lips fell into an altogether familiar smirk as Archie attempted to disguise any gazing with a shift in body language.

Angus understood that the divorce must’ve been hard on everyone in the family. He wasn’t around to witness how it went but he gathered that the children were the innocent victims of the circumstance whose worlds had been flipped upside down. “I don’t think Scarlett has the ability to NOT insist she’s special, or a volume switch” he chuckled trying to lighten the conversation a little. She was sassy and Merlin knew what she’d be like as a teenager but he admired her confidence. “And I don’t think there’s any doubt that those kids know you both love them regardless of the living situation.” Innocent yes but perhaps not so much of a victim anymore. “Besides, I bet Scarlett is thrilled to receive twice the number of birthday presents.” Kids priorities.

“PLEASE make sure that I’m present when Matty finds out you called her stupid.” Let’s just say that THAT conversation would be thoroughly entertaining to the onlooker.

Maybe his years away had not had a profound impact on his personality as staying at home might have. Maybe it was just too fun doing what he loved in a new country with no strings and attachments to hold him down. Angus still felt like he was very much the same person that he was in school, just with a little more awareness of himself and his former habits. “I don’t know, you’ve always been pretty serious even in school.” Meanwhile Angus was so relaxed he might as well have been horizontal. “And change doesn’t always have to be a bad thing.”

“I got to travel the country with the most relaxed group of dancers. It might as well have been a holiday” he laughed.
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