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Aurora unfortunately didn’t have both the occasion or the means for transporting a full multi-tiered wedding cake to Hogwarts and she feared that doing so would somehow upset the tirelessly working house elves anyway. “Maybe I’ll ask her to make me one for my sixteenth” she pondered. She was both lucky and unlucky enough to have a birthday in the middle of the school’s summer break. It was great that she got to be home with her family but the distance between herself and her friends entirely spread across the country was not so positive. It had come to her attention several times that maybe she should arrange a birthday gathering at her parents home so that she could be with both her friends and family simultaneously. “One year she made me a unicorn cake and the year before that was a pair of ice skates.” She’d never not be fascinated by the talents that some people possessed.

She took a couple of steps over, fingers running along the cabinet displays until she paused in front of the Quidditch trophies. She unfortunately didn’t know anything about the sport and was not a natural talent on the broomstick so any names flew over her head instantaneously. She was surprised that the Claws seemed to have a natural affinity to the sport when a lot of her peers seemed to enjoy the vicinity of the common room over being outside.

“I wouldn’t be able to match the name to an evil genius anyway” she giggled lightly. It was a hindrance in History of Magic that was for sure. “But they could be subtly enacting their plan for world domination behind our backs.” Subtlety was not a word that sat comfortably in Aurora’s vocabulary.
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