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Originally Posted by sweetpinkpixie View Post

Whether he understood her humor regarding the expression of 'fancy' was rather inconsequential in light of his compliment. Words that brightened her smile and added to the twinkles in her eye. "And you are exceedingly kind." And wearing that handsome smile that truly suited him. Not that he ever needed to pretend to be happy around her all the time and not allowed to feel other feelings - she could tell when his smile wasn't reaching his eyes - but it always gave her the good sort of tingles when he worse THAT smile. A smile was affection winking at you, after all! Or so she had read somewhere the other day. "AND I appreciate you tremendously."

Continuing to swing her legs lightly, toes painting the surface of the water below with chaotic ripples, Anna searched for any traces of aquatic life that may have been inspired to come greet since their gentle disturbances to the water's surface. As such, she was oblivious to any changes to his posture or any nervous darting of the eyes or blinking, perhaps a silent gulp of air while swallowing back his thoughts...though maybe there was a slight twitch and tightening of his fingers that were woven together with hers. Never would it have ever crossed her mind that anyooooone would think such thoughts about her either and thus she charged forward in her naive ignorance. "Dr. Kiss Fish," she repeated while giving the water as much of a kick as she could with her toes...which was not the best of ideas since she did slip a little bit but thankfully was easily able to catch herself by her free hand and gripping his more securely. Not to worry, no slipping in here and no more kicking! "Supposed to feel really nice but also can tickle a little," she explained while slightly repositioning herself and peeking up at him with a dreamy sort of look about her doe eyes. "And feel rejuvenated and reinvigorated...and a little like someone has cast a Featherlight Charm on your feet."
The joke had indeed gone over his head. If he'd made the connection, he probably would have chuckled at her humor. But it was fine since his comment got her to smile like that, so maybe missing the joke was worth it. Ezra smiled at her kind words in turn, though the change in topic of conversation, and the turn his thoughts had taken, took most of his focus from dwelling on it now.

His eyes were still on the water until he felt a spike of panic when Anna wobbled suddenly, and he gripped her hand tighter. Thankfully, she did not fall in this time, but Merlin... Maybe they were tempting fate sitting on the docks like this, but...he did like sitting here with her. So long as she didn't kick the water like that again, hopefully they'd be okay.

Her explanation of the fish didn't fully click in his mind until she mentioned the feet. Oh! Now he finally understood. He was pretty sure he'd seen a video before about people sticking their feet in a tank of fish. He'd never heard it called that before - actually, he didn't know what the real term for it was anyway - but at least they were on the same wavelength now. "Oh, I see. I've never seen them in the lake before. But the lake's pretty big, so I guess they could be." Would they be near the surface if they were? He had no idea.
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