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Originally Posted by Kolyander View Post
Okay, that might very well be a fact. Her family didn't spoil her. So did Ary though, in other ways that were not going to help him at all very soon. When it came to those tantrums she had growing up, he did have a way of distracting her. Bry hadn't forgotten that. The way he had always taken care of her. How it had always been the two of them. How could he not see the problem here? "Sure seems like it." She grumbled, turning to look away from him for a moment. She wasn't going to freakout. Just take a breath Bry.

Oh?! Well it sure felt that way to her! He walked to lessons with Drake. Held HIS hand too! Sat near him all of the time. Hang around him lots. And even had him over at the reserve. Need she go on? If anyone asked her she had every right to feel however it was she feeling.

Had Ary went silent on her right then, Bryony really would've known something was going on and likely would've jumped to her own conclusions. Nothing had prepared her for this though. Nothing.

The blonde heard the words that left Ary's mouth but it couldn't be right. This had to a cruel joke. She couldn't breath. The tears were already stinging her eyes as the words flew out of her mouth before she could even process what she was saying let alone anything else. "No, no nuuuuuuuuuu! That isn't fair!" Was this anger, fear, sadness? Bryony didn't really know but all she wanted to do was get away from here right now and be by herself.

She needed to stop crying and get to her feet first though.

His spoiling Bry may be a downfall shortly but along with them had come experiences of Aryan being able to handle those tantrums. She might think that he didnít understand her but he did; he saw how she hated that things were changing in terms of him letting Drake in his life. Which is why he chose to not reply to her grumbling. He really didnít know how else to convince her that she wasnít being replaced and that she was still super important to him.

If Bry were to stop for a second and rethink all those issues she had thought about, she would quickly recall that Ary had done every one of those things with her too. Just because he had found another close friend, it didnít mean that he was going to forget about her. He was always going to be adamant about this fact.

His eyes remained fixated on Bry as he watched, despite the dire situation, in fascination as she worked out what he had said and as it sank in. He had abandoned his fascination of plucking at the grass and was hastily cramming his uneaten sandwich back into his bag. The task had only just been accomplished when the outburst came. Ary reacted to it the same way that he had to each of Bryís tantrums throughout his short lifetime: he winced, shut his eyes and pressed his hands over his ears. Fun fact: the latter did not drown out his friendís reaction. ďIím sorry,íí Ary whispered. It was clear she was crying because of him and he felt miserable about it. He needed to go too; he couldnít sit around here watching her hurt.

And yeah, he knew comforting her was out of the question. Neither of them were in the mood for each other's company right now.
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