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Anything was possible if they really tried but it wasn't something she really wanted to do. They had come so far in their friendship so it would be very nice to keep things as they were and continue building on that. "Erm.. I suppose it can be? Most things like this somehow fit into that, right?" If they didn't clear out the weeds someone else would or else new healthier pumpkins wouldn't be able to grow. So they were helping.

With the time they had spent together over the summer, Drake should know by now that she could talk about her ninja training all day long. "Basically, yes. If you wanted to keep the details short," she replied laughing. For her, it was easy. With how active she always was this was the perfect type of training for her. It kept her moving constantly. And what she needed was constant movement. As for those weeds in her hands, she was still pulling at them with all her might. Nod nod. "Me too." Why wouldn't this clump of weeds come up?!
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