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The fake frown was immediately discarded, especially when he was truly being so sweet this particular occasion. "You have a good point there." Sometimes her 'unforgettable' was not complimentary for some people, but Vera Thanatos did tend to at least make an impression. "I'm always paying attention when it's you." Which was probably the truest statement she had said thus far in this interaction. She was, and had been for years, very aware of her favorite male Gryffindor. Speaking of charm, it seemed he was the one with some to spare of that this evening. The theatrics brought a giggle from the back of her throat, as she shook her head fondly. "You know, I don't think I would mind trying to charm you every day either. Though I realize I still don't know exactly what it was that managed to nab your attention the first time. Perhaps it's time you tell me the moment you realized you liked me? Just in case I ever have to coax you into doing so again."

Truthfully, she hadn't expected a genuine answer from him - so she was thoroughly taken aback when he appeared to be truly considering her question, before giving her an honest answer. Even the ending playfulness wasn't enough to compel dispel the fact he'd managed to make her rather soft. Sidling up a little closer to him, she looped her arm through his for a moment of physical affection (which might have interrupted his chocolate eating but she hadn't been considering that). "Well, I suppose with an answer like that you've fully met the requirements of being nice to me." Her face was a bit red too, but that didn't particularly bother her. "I'll make sure to not let it all go to my head though and continuing to supply chocolates, since it's the winning factor."

When he gestured towards the Gobstones set, she gave a nod before releasing the momentary hold on him and moving over to the gobstones ring. Picking one of the sets of 15 for herself, she grabbed a shooter gob, putting her knuckles down against the table and flicking the gobstone into the middle. Her shooter didn't knock anything out of the ring this turn, but she did manage to brush against one of her own which moved it slightly away from the others, which would make other shots easier later. Even if that one she'd moved was also in a bit of a sacrificial spot. "Your move, lov-Logan." She didn't often use terms of endearment, and the one that she'd almost let out left her a little red again in the face, though she busied herself with putting her hair up so as to not draw notice to it.
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