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He chuckled, shaking his head. "Oh, come on now, you know you're unforgettable. I was just checking if you were paying attention." Clearly. The blond winked before more chocolate was offered to him, which he accepted with enthusiasm. "Thank you, mi'ady," he said with a flourish, pretending to bow. "And charm me all over again, you say? Well, I suppose I wouldn't mind being charmed by you on a daily basis."

When she asked what else he enjoyed about her, Logan's expression turned thoughtful. "Well, let's see... there's your wit, your smile, your citrus perfume, your competitive spirit. The way you can destroy me at Gobstones and still make me feel like a winner. But we all know that I'm only into you for the sweets." He gave her a playful nudge as he unwrapped another piece of chocolate.

With a mischievous glint, Logan took a moment to savor another bite of chocolate before gesturing towards the Gobstones set. "Shall we then?"

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