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Originally Posted by sweetpinkpixie View Post
Not to worry! No plans to swim today and Anna had even reminded herself not to tempt fake by walking along the edge as if it were a balance beam either - everyone knew she did not have the best balance to begin with so best not play with fire. Which was, unironically, not something she was good at doing either and had burnt the tips of her fingers putting out candles. The gentle, but sturdy, creak of the dock was the first indication that she was no longer alone and the confirmation with the comforting voice that followed tickled her cheeks into lifting her lips into the brightest of smiles. "Perhaps I should have dressed up more," she laughed while fluffing her curls a bit with her hands and pointing her toes as she stretched her legs forward. Obviously the next reasonable motion was to slip her arm through his, rest her hand over his, and scoot just a bit closer to him while still enjoying the way the light danced over the water akin to little light sprites. "Thanks for coming. I brought snacks and a kind-of activity I was hoping you could help me with," she explained while lowering her legs down and toes dipped back into the water when a parallel thought crossed her mind and simply had to be voiced before giving him further details about what she had planned. " you think the lake has those Dr. Kiss Fish in them?"
Dressed up? He wasn't certain what she meant. Should he have dressed up more too, even though they were hanging out near the lake? Or maybe he should've dressed down with shorter trousers or something, considering the ends of his trouser legs were getting wet with his feet in the water. He could have rolled them up beforehand (and his mum probably would've told him to), but he didn't mind. He'd just throw them in the laundry later and they'd be good as new. "Nah, I think you look great." But that was always the case. And everything was even better when her hand was on his.

The snacks and the activity were intriguing, but before Ezra could ask for more info...the conversation took a turn. And that turn led his thoughts into a different turn.

Ever since the spin the bottle game at the beginning of term, and especially after he and Bronwen had kissed, he'd had...a lot of thoughts. A multitude of confusing thoughts. And one of those thoughts included...what would it be like to kiss Anna?

Sitting so close together like this... he...


He forced himself to look out at the water and managed to respond, "The...uh, the what fish?"
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