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The correct answer to that musing was that he was just Drake and hadn't pondered on it. Realistically, yes, he supposed he should have guessed too that all of the silly stories Mum had read them when they were little couldn't have all been true. But then again, the history of the fact that the Deathly Hallows had been real was enough to confuse any young boy. (if you asked him anyways).

His nose wrinkled as he looked at the book again, turning it over in his hands as she spoke. "But... it's so big. How would a little kid be able to read through it?" His acceptance of the term kid pertaining to himself was inconsistent at best. Most of the time, Drake was happy to embrace the fact he was young enough to not have to deal with the responsibilities of those older than him. But in moments like this? Well, it suited him better to be more mature so subconsciously his opinion had swapped. "Hmph. I don't know about that... What do you usually read? The true stuff or the made up stuff?"

... A medieval hag who lived in a chicken leg house? Well, he was certainly interested now. Setting the book off to the side, he found himself a spot to curl up too, eyes wide with curiosity. "That seems a more peculiar way of transportation but who am I to judge. Why does she make her house travel?"
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