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At the question, Vera couldn't help but put her hands on her hips, eying him before giving her own exaggerated eye roll. "Do I have any treats. Do you even know me?" her words turned more playful as she dropped her hands in order to reach into her bag, rummaging around before coming up victorious with a wrapped chocolate. She threw it his way. "As a chocolatiers daughter and budding chocolatiers sister, 'fraid all I have is sweets."

Though eating and gobstoning was generally unadvisable in her book. An ill timed Gobstone explosion while one had an open mouth for a snack could ruin an entire day. But she'd let him learn that lesson for himself if he wanted to snack and play. That's what a good girlfriend would do, right?

Truly he WAS adorable and if she weren't so competitive, the face might have worked on her. But instead she just grinned back at him as she moved closer. "I suppose it depends how nice you are to me. I couldn't go easy on you for nothing." A professional career was something that shockingly could have been in her grasp, especially with how well the Firecrabs did in her time there. But... She still just wasn't sure yet if that would be her future. She had sometime still, and she'd be utilizing Raju's advice too for the competitive sports world and if it was right for her. Something, she reminded herself, to speak with him about over Christmas.
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