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SPOILER!!: Hi <3
Amelia supposed it was a right-of-passage for these students to create their own potions, since ironically she'd done the same in like her third year at Hogwarts. So she wouldn't be surprised to learn that several years later, Ary's father had done so as well. She gave her usual return finger wiggle at him.

Did Vera know that she was always available to help her students? It was fortunate too that she was more than happy to accept 'A' (preferred E but exceptions could be made) for NEWT students whereas some potions masters only wanted O students. Also technically speaking she needed to at least having a passing grade to be eligible to take the NEWT exam.

She was always intrigued by the young ones especially, fresh minds, and Sydney was no different. Although she suspected the younger ones in particular would need more guidance and that was okay. Greeting her back with a nod, as Maria entered and took a seat by Vera. Also, Maria should definitely come chat with her sometime about healing.

Not to worry, Bryony ... as Amelia was definitely going to be around once the brewing started to hopefully prevent mishaps. And even if disasters happened, Amelia was always a believer that sometimes you needed disasters to have success. Disaster didn't mean failure. She greeted the small blond in return.

Ah yessss ... for any type of healing profession, potions was necessary - whether it was for creatures or humans. Which is why the subject was mandatory since first year. Also she would certainly agree with Aurora that conversing with the paintings was a lovely pasttime. It was a good thing that today's meeting was informal gathering space just to offer some more insight as to the assignment.

Speaking of, she should probably get going on providing some more insights as to the assignment. Lest she keep them too long "Hello ... So as indicated, this year we'll be brewing our own healing potions. First things, you'll want to decide on what you want your potion to do. And research to find if a potion exists already. If it does, you'll want to create a variant to make it unique. If it doesn't, then you'll need to research on starting from scratch with a potion. There's no real wrong way to complete the assignment and there's plenty of books out there to help guide you in researching ingredients. Of course, if you're really stuck for ideas, you're more than able to reach out to me for further guidance." Hopefully this all was making sense and would come together as they started to research.
Couple things to note:
* This should encompass at least two posts of researching various ingredients and their possible effects. Should include research of at least 5 potion ingredients (don't need to use them all!)
* Should also research what you might want your intended effect to be. This could alleviate muscle soreness, cure allergies, whatever you'd like, just should have something to do with healing.....
* This part is where you should be selecting what potion you want to brew. Ideally it should be an original brew, BUT obviously not expected if your character is on the younger side / less experienced with potions. For instance, you could take something like the 'wiggenweld potion' and maybe add a flavor to it, to tweak it slightly. Or similar to charms and how there's a "lumos maxima", perhaps making a stronger variant of an already existing potion.

ooc: sorry for the delay... just to reiterate, this was just an informal gathering space to provide some more information as to the assignment, since it's easier to do that IC initially We'll do the same thing to introduce part two in a couple weeks ... in the meanwhile, happy researching And don't forget to update your posts in the LTA thread, with your posts for credit...

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