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Speak for yourself, Arthur. Angus was quite proud of the fact that he hadn’t changed that much physically since school. Maybe the odd laughter line but he couldn’t help that he was smiley and his skin was punishing him for being generally positive. He took the seat opposite, placing the drink on the table before him. “Stop gazing, you sap” he chuckled.

From what Angus had experienced, Scarlett was a miniature firecracker with the innate ability to constantly get her own way. “Probably because her Dad lets her get away with it” he smirked. He couldn’t blame him though, he wasn’t a dad himself and didn’t know how he’d respond to having one of his own.

“Absolutely not. Ravenclaw’s aren’t stupid with their curiosity” he laughed. “We’d just ask the bartender what was in the drink rather than figuring it out.” Y’know, the simplest, most effective way. Intelligent enough to not make life harder for himself with a touch of laziness.

Angus wasn’t sure how it was that it was making him feel. The strong sense of nostalgia coupled with who it was he was with was making him feel all sorts of emotions. He wasn’t the type to outwardly show them however, he preferred to mask them with his humour. “Do you really think we have changed that much inside?”
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