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Originally Posted by FearlessLeader19 View Post

Yes, that was very true. One could say Bry was that way the very first time she saw him - which was when he was just two days old, the day that he was brought home by his dads. He considered this fact a blessing in his life since it was always nice to have a friend who looked out for him. “Okay, you're right. It’s a pain.” Ary knew that it was because they both could have been helping Aunty Hady with those wonderful creatures instead. “It’s just one subject, Bry. You and I help each other with most.” He lowered his sandwich with a small frown. “What’s with the eyeroll?” That frown further deepened. “It’s true. Just as you’re brilliant with CoMC.” He was allowed to give credit where credit was due, right?

Maybe Bry was right? Maybe he finally needed to get this off his chest. But given how she was already reacting to his talk of Drake, would that be such a good idea? The thought made Aryan eye Bryony apprehensively. “It’s about Duck. I mean Drake,’’ came the admission finally. But that was all he could say at this point. The guy was too busy being agitated and plucking at the grass near his knees.
Exactly. She had been entranced by him even way back then as a baby herself. Smitten was the best way to describe how she felt about him since day one without being too over the top. Indeed Bryony Rose Paton had always looked out for him and in exchange, Aryan had always watched out for her, doing his best to keep her safe and happy. Not to mention spoiled. Very spoiled. Which she certainly didn't mind. "Told you," the blonde grinned widely at him now that he had caved and agreed with her like she knew he would. "That's not the point. When it comes to plants and flowers or anything of the sort it's always Drake this and Drake that.. you seem to forget that I know about them too." That's all she was trying to say. Since the very first day of Hogwarts he had always gone directly to Drake for Herbology help.

Was she not supposed to react when he bragged about how brilliant the other guy was in a subject she was good at too? Especially when she was being replaced. "..." Bry blinked at him. Duck? So now Ary even had a nickname for him?! He had never given her a nickname and they've known each other their entire lives. Sigh. "What about him?.." she asked quietly after a few moments, though she wasn't even really sure that she wanted to know now.
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