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Originally Posted by Kolyander View Post
Well excuse him! It wasn't her fault that her radar was on Aryan mode all of the time. It had been this way their entire lives and she liked to think that she was simply honed in on most things when it came to him.. as he was with things pertaining to her. They had always been well connected and with something lasting as long as whatever was going on with him now, it was hard for her NOT to have taken notice. A year was a very long time.

Was that even possible? Bry didn't think anything could give her more energy than she already had. "I'm not procrastinating.. just saying it's a pain is all." A pain that she would get through as they worked their way through their homework assignments. Bry had just opened her drink and took a sip before her gaze met Ary's once again. "If you needed help you coulda just asked..." He didn't need to go to anyone else. Annnnnnd cue the instinctive eye roll. Yes, she knew. How could she not? "Right.. 'course he is.." She just didn't understand why he wanted to go to Drake when she was sitting right here and could help him.

The curious look she had been giving him continued only now it was accompanied with a mildly worried look. "Like what's? You can tell me." They always told one another everything. "Might make you feels better."

Yes, that was very true. One could say Bry was that way the very first time she saw him - which was when he was just two days old, the day that he was brought home by his dads. He considered this fact a blessing in his life since it was always nice to have a friend who looked out for him. “Okay, you're right. It’s a pain.” Ary knew that it was because they both could have been helping Aunty Hady with those wonderful creatures instead. “It’s just one subject, Bry. You and I help each other with most.” He lowered his sandwich with a small frown. “What’s with the eyeroll?” That frown further deepened. “It’s true. Just as you’re brilliant with CoMC.” He was allowed to give credit where credit was due, right?

Maybe Bry was right? Maybe he finally needed to get this off his chest. But given how she was already reacting to his talk of Drake, would that be such a good idea? The thought made Aryan eye Bryony apprehensively. “It’s about Duck. I mean Drake,’’ came the admission finally. But that was all he could say at this point. The guy was too busy being agitated and plucking at the grass near his knees.
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