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Originally Posted by Chelliephone View Post
Bryony was in fact very obvious in the sea of orange, with her likewise bright colors. Not that he would have noticed her if it weren't for the sound though, considering once he started working with plants - he wasn't very good about paying attention to anything else around him.

But he did notice her now, so he returned the wave before scooting over to make more space for her when she accepted his invitation to join him. "I knew there was a reason we got along!" He replied good naturedly a small laugh. It's true that was only a recent development but... still. "Weeding! It looks like Professor Khanna left us some stuff to do. I'm betting they did it so we could use this as meditation too." Because in Drake's opinion, there was nothing calmer than this. "There's probably some pumpkins that could use some pruning on the stems too if you prefer to do that though!"
Pink was a lovely color! And she looked amazing in it. Did he know? Well he probably didn't and that was alright cause he didn't need to notice things like that about her. Hmm, that's how she is with the creature! Totally loses herself among them. Okay, well that's actually true about many things for her. Keeping very busy was best for her.

"Cause we both like to get dirt?" Bry commented, laughing quietly as she looked around at where they were both standing. "Weeding, okay.. I can help with that." It was certainly an easy enough task that she didn't need magic for at all. "That's probably true, I hadn't thought about that but gardening can be very therapeutic... Just like working with creatures and my ninja training." Such excellent ways to relax and destress. "We can always get to that after we finish with the weeding.. and I planned on picking a little pumpkin to take back to the common room and decorate later if you want go do the same? We can get one for Ary too." Then they could all decorate them together.
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