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It wasn't long after Vera had slid into the hall that the siblings soon joined, quickly followed by Papa and Raju. She smiled at all of them as they gathered in the hall, giving a small laugh at Papa's excitement to get them out of the house as he rushed them, with Raju soon following suit but also calling out well meant cautions for water safety. They were all plenty old enough to know, but considering he was saying it out of concern for their safeties she bottled up the sassy response she might have given Papa and simply shot a thumbs up as she stretched out in the sunshine.

"Ugh, I genuinely can't decide if I should interrupt a volleyball game first or if I should sunbathe." Sunbathing was more of a solo sport whereas volleyball it could be fun to interact with some of the locals. She also heard Italians were great at flirting - which maybe she could pick up some ideas for the person she wanted to use that on at home. It didn't hurt to study, right?

Looping an arm through Scooter's, Ve maybe was the one rushing them a bit now as she took a little bit larger steps to head towards the beach. The ocean was sooooo close they could see it, and she couldn't wait to pick an activity and get comfortable down on the sand. "What do you all want to do first?" She asked the group, as a whole.
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