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Jude didn't need to try anything special to be the best husband ever - Dav was quite certain it just came naturally to him. "You know, I believe I've heard it said many times by men much smarter than I, a happy spouse is the key to a happy life. I think maybe they were correct." He teased, a soft laugh escaping him as Jude went cross eye when he lightly booped his nose. He really was too cute for words, was he aware of that?

... It was impossible for him to not melt a little at the suggestion, and Davet was certain there was a visible emotional reaction to Jude's request, his face softening. "I believe maman would love that." In fact, Davet was quite certain the woman would be a (happy) blubbering mess when they brought up the plan to her. "Do you want it to be just you and maman or can your mom and I dance as well?" He was fine with either way - but he had great respect for Jude's mom as well and certainly wouldn't want her to feel left out. While it had been difficult to fully embrace any type of a friendship with Evan initially because of the previous feelings, Davet had since gotten over that - realizing it had been silly of him anyways to avoid the male for it. No one could help their feelings from their past and if it didn't affect Jude and Evan negatively, Dav had no right for it to affect him either. It had been a relief to have that particular epiphany. "We should call up some restaurants and see if they're available for catering. And see if they have tasting options." Because like Jude, his mouth was also watering at the idea. It was a good thing he'd order food already too to tide them both over as soon as it arrived. "I have no doubt that you'll be found on the dance floor at any point of the night." Dav grinned at him, admiring the look of happiness on his partner's face. He'd be out there as often with him too, but he was pretty certain even his stamina couldn't keep up with Jude.

Dav laughed at the compliment, shaking his head slightly. "I'm not that considerate. I just read a couple of articles on the best way to plan. I can't take full credit for their suggestions."
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