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Originally Posted by Lottiepot View Post
It didn’t matter what sort of ‘spirit’ she was feeling internally, Aurora had it imprinted that everyone expected her to be the bouncy, joy-filled blonde and she would hate to be a disappointment. It was the uncomfortable squirminess that had led her to leave the gathering early, mixed with wanting some fresh air and just generally being a little fuddled.

The Ackerly family, her Aunt and Uncle at least, were an extremely large and very sociable lot (how her Ma was so UNsociable she didn’t know). “A few times. My Aunt Kat is a baker and loves organising parties especially at Christmas.” It could be a squish with her 6 adult cousins and their kids, her own family and the Broadmoors but it was fun nonetheless.

She smiled as he showed her his own grandparents names. “Sometimes I like to imagine what these people were like as students. Like what do you think..” Her fingers traced down the list to pick a name at random. “..Kurumi was like?”
Ezra wasn't sure if he should bring it up, or let the conversation continue as it was... but he decided on the latter, at least for now. Things were going okay, and he didn't want to possibly ruin the mood like that.

"Bet it's great having an aunt who's a baker." Then you could get free treats all the time. Or maybe it was just a Christmas thing. Either way, the food was probably amazing. And, yeah, seeing extended family members was probably fun too. He usually enjoyed the ones his family had around Christmas time.

Imagining the other people on the lists seemed like a fun exercise. He leaned a little closer to see the new random name she'd picked out. "Hmm...Probably responsible, I'd guess. Nice. Good grades." But that was...probably the general traits the professors looked for in student leaders, so maybe that wasn't a very exciting or imaginative guess. "What do you think?"
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