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Considering how poorly she'd always done at potions, an entire semester of trying to craft her own was... beyond intimidating to Vera. Especially because her potions tutor had graduated the year prior and if there was anyone that would have gotten her through this project with ease, it would have been him. She supposed she'd have to beg and plead Vasco to help her with this when he wasn't working on his own. Or maybe... she could just take a fail on it. Did it really matter how well she did in her classes as long as she passed her NEWTs at the end of the year?

A question she would contemplate for later. For now, she supposed she shouldn't give up before she'd even begun.

Entering the Potions laboratory for the introduction to the assignment, Ve grinned at Professor Adara and then Aryan as well, before finding herself a seat and pulling out a notebook and a quill so she could take notes.
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