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Originally Posted by Lottiepot View Post
It shouldnít have been unexpected that fifth year would be a little different from the first four years. It wasnít just the added pressure of OWLs either, to be honest Aurora hadnít put her mind towards them all too much perhaps because sheíd helped Solly with his last year and some of the information was still fresh in her mind. That and she had a whole collection of scented flashcards to study off of when the time came. But little olí Aurora had turned fifteen over the summer and she was becoming emotionally mature in ways that she hadnít experienced before. Feelings that were leaving Pixie flutters in her stomach and confundus charms in her head.

It was in clearing these thoughts that she had found herself in an area of the castle that she hadnít explored before. An area with little traffic and where she could stop pretending to be so perpetually happy and engross herself in the peace and quiet she usually avoided. Her eyes scanned over the names engraved on the plaques but she didnít recognise any of them. Neither of her parents were on there, nor any of their close friends (the few that Ma Layla had) but it was nice to read such history anyway and imagine what these people were like at school.
So far, this term was proceeding in a lot of unexpected ways. Not unwelcome though. It was very interesting...and nice...and maybe a little confusing. Or a lot confusing. But in a good way? And that was probably why it was even harder than usual to focus on homework lately.

After an attempt at actually sitting down and writing a few terrible paragraphs for an essay, Ezra had finally called it quits and decided to wander about the castle. Usually he would've opted for a stroll around the grounds outside, but he thought a change of scenery might inspire some focus.

That was how he eventually ended up at the trophy room. Not a room he frequented often - there were only so many times you could look at a bunch of trophies before it got boring - but he looked inside anyway. It'd been awhile since he'd been in there, so it was kind of a change in scenery too, right?

But once he got a bit further in, Ezra realized he wasn't alone in the room. "Oh, hey, Aurora!" He grinned. This was great actually. He'd been wanting to check on her after she'd left that party, and now he'd finally found her.
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