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Originally Posted by FearlessLeader19 View Post

Johnny was already loving being in France. He already loved this Castle. He already knew that he wanted to spend all of his seven years here. True, he hadn’t the opportunity to explore the majestic Beauxbatons Castle as yet since they just got here but this happy spirit of a boy knew he was going to be dazzled by the place everyday.

Spotting Tiff’s expression as they bobbed along with the others. He nudged her. “What’s on your mind, sis?” he asked in French. It made really good sense that he start speaking the language most if not all of the time. Wait. Did that mean he might forget how to speak English? Was that how being bilingual worked?

Johnny had now confused himself.
Tiffany wasn't as convinced as her brother was. It wasn't that she didn't find the castle dazzling or enchanting. Anyone with two eyes would find the charm in such a building, but the situation was a lot more nuanced than that. It just seemed so strange and hearing french come out of her brother's mouth was more alarming, even though they'd been practicing for a little over a year now.

"Everything .... and nothing," she said shaking her head realizing how confusing that sounded. "It'd just... this all seems like it's a dream, doesn't it? Like we'll wake up and realize none of this is real?" Perhaps she was being ridiculous. Maybe writing to one of the girls she met in Scribbulus would help distract herself from the confusing feelings.

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