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Ary had spent a great deal of the first Saturday back at Hogwarts helping Aunty Hady with the creatures. He had been mostly, not even chattering with the creatures as usual. He was sure that Aunty Hady noticed but he was grateful she hadn’t said anything. Naturally, Bry had been with him throughout it all and she had filled the silence with her own chatter which was fine with him. After they were done, he had suggested that he and Bry grab lunch. He had further suggested that they take said lunch outdoors where they could finally get started on their homework. Not being a picky eater, he’d simply made himself a quick sandwich and grabbed a flask of pumpkin juice.

Now, here he was in the {safe} vicinity of the Whomping Willow, not even really taking in the view and the fine day that it was. “What do you want to get started with? History? Or… DADA… CoMC… Transfig…’’ Merlin, the professors had certainly gone all out with homework and essays! It was just adding to his stress. Nope, Ary was going to focus on his lunch instead. He sat cross legged, facing Bry and began unwrapping the chicken sandwich. “We’ll be fifty by the time we finish all that homework.” And he really was sort of panicking though Ary knew that wasn’t the real source of it.
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