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Yeahhh, Mr White! Yeah science!

It wasn't even planned really, but drifting back to Diagon Alley seemed like the most natural thing in the world to Archie after that chance meeting with Angus in a London pub, merely for old times sake. He felt like being here had reawakened something he had lost when he left his magical life behind to pursue a career in Law. A career that led to him meeting his wife..

Before that fateful night, years had passed since Angus and Archie had seen each other. It hadn't been a good meeting – bad memories had resurfaced and too many questions raised about their past. But in the end, love had prevailed and the pair were once again as thick as thieves.

There was a lightness to Archie that he hadn't felt in years. His expression was brighter, his eyes had the twinkle not seen since his teenage years. And although his reconciliation with Angus had raised more than a few eyebrows within his close family, things had just felt right. It felt so good to be with the tall, lanky Welshman once again.

“Butterbeer? I've not had that in years. I never really liked it.” Too sickly for Archie's tastes. He looked through the menu. “It doesn't even say what's in that—I'd rather know what I'm drinking, mate.” He patted Angus on the shoulder. “Feeling daring enough to give it a go?” He thanked the barman and picked up his drink, taking it and settling into a seat by the window.

“Does it feel strange to be back here?”
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