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Angus’s life had been pretty muggle-centric too for a while now. With the relocation to the US to perform with a contemporary company, it was the nagging feeling as if he was missing out on something that had brought him back. It was a chance meeting that had led him to reconcile with the ‘one that got away’ and it was the strange sense of nostalgia that being back with Arch produced that had resulted in their appearance in Diagon that day.

The former Ravenclaw hadn’t been so involved in the antics of Archie and his brother Alfie back in the day, he was more of an encouragement on the sidelines, a completely laid back he was almost horizontal guy who could go along with almost everything. It was hard to compete with an Ackerly when there were so many of them and each equally as talented as the other. Getting on the end of their Dad’s tether was perhaps their best talent as far as the aforementioned duo was concerned, Angus couldn’t help but to be impressed that the patriarch still had his head firmly screwed on.

He was pretty sure of what the answer to his question would be but Archie had matured over the years they’d been apart that the outcome might have been different. Kids changed a person and everything. “I thought as much” The corner of his lips twitched up into a knowing smile as he ordered the drinks from the barman. “But you could’ve got a taste for Butterbeer at some point or.. Vampire Venom whatever the heck that is” His nose slightly screwed up as he read from the menu. Magical folk did seem to have strange taste palettes sometimes.

“We can sit over there” He nodded his head towards the window. It was nice and quiet now the sprogs had gone back to school.
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