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Originally Posted by PhoenixRising View Post
It was a longer journey from London to France, then if she'd gone to Scotland, but Tiffany was bouncing with excitement regardless. While disappointed she wouldn't be seeing some of the familiar faces she'd grown attached to at St Woboldo's, she had Johnny and Ari with her and that was enough. And it wasn't like she couldn't write to them and see how they were getting by at Hogwarts.

The foyer seemed so elegant and grand here, the eleven year old surveying everything as she stepped in curiously following the crowds and wondering how this was all going to work. Would everything be in French ? Did these students know English too? While her French skills had improved since she'd begun tutoring - thank goodness - she just hoped it would be enough to get by. Maybe she'd be at least be in the same house with Ari so they'd have each other to talk to in English if a break was needed from all the French.

Johnny was already loving being in France. He already loved this Castle. He already knew that he wanted to spend all of his seven years here. True, he hadn’t the opportunity to explore the majestic Beauxbatons Castle as yet since they just got here but this happy spirit of a boy knew he was going to be dazzled by the place everyday.

Spotting Tiff’s expression as they bobbed along with the others. He nudged her. “What’s on your mind, sis?” he asked in French. It made really good sense that he start speaking the language most if not all of the time. Wait. Did that mean he might forget how to speak English? Was that how being bilingual worked?

Johnny had now confused himself.
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