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Originally Posted by WonderingWizard View Post
So... your introduction to Potter was just about a year after its introduction in the United States. About the same time as mine. (My sister was 'cutting edge' on this kind of thing, and very persistent - so mine may have been prior to September, I don't recall.)

Tell me...when we lay our hands on a book and read it for the first time, there's 'something' about it for us usually setting it apart from 'the others,' drawing us in.

What was it about Potter drawing you?
Omgosh, I thought I answered this already! So sorry!

Great question! I think it was the characters that drew me. Through all walks of life, there's always been at least one Harry Potter character I could relate to. At that age, I related most to Harry and Hermione. Harry because he was bullied, and Hermione because she was a bookworm and a bit of a know-it-all like me at that age.
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