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~ Mrs. Steve Harrington ~ It be like that sometimes.

Knowing Drake, he wouldn’t have to try much at all. Especially if he smiled in that manner; the sheepish smile was quite as nice as the regular one. “Okays, that’s a pretty good solution. Magic’s so helpful, isn’t it?” Moments of realisation usually like this always made Ary wistful that his magical education hadn’t progressed to the point that he’d be learning advanced magic. All in due course though; he just needed to be patient. “Not that I know of but you never knows. A spontaneous visits can happen.” This much has been known to be true in the Atreyu-Rehman household. Drake was about to learn all the things that went on around the place.

Aryan laughed softly in response to the comment. It was true that anyone would be able to tell whose room this was with just the cutout Mooncalf. He was the only one in the family obsessed with the particular creature. He was really just happy that Drake loved his room; it meant that Drake would be happy here. “Dads say that me and my siblings woulds need space as we grow so they gave us huge rooms from the get-go. Ands they were rights. I always needs space to put new stuff.” Especially whenever he received gifts for Christmas and birthdays. “Hmmm. How bouts the foot of your bed? Like we put our trunks at school? Wants me to help you unpack? You get an entire couples draws here, rights next to mines.” Ary pointed to the chest of draws against the wall. “Oh! Before you do all thats!” Excitedly, Ary placed Drake’s shoulders from behind and urged him towards a window. “Look at the views! See all the greenery? And you can see the Hippogriff paddocks froms heres.” Faintly but still… “No views of the dragons from this sides buts it's stills nice.”
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